Charity as defined in the dictionary as: “Generous actions to aid those in need”.

My description of charity is, "The highest, noblest, strongest kind of LOVE. The kind of LOVE that changes people’s minds, hearts, and circumstances".

The kind of LOVE that provides HOPE where there once was none.  HOPE for HEALING.

With that HOPE OF HEALING, I would like to officially announce the change in the name of the “Colleen Giblin Foundation”.

We will now be known as the “Hope for Children Research Foundation”. We will continue to support the Colleen Giblin Research Laboratories at Columbia University Medical Center as we have for the past 30 years.

The name change became necessary in our rebranding and reaching out to a broader national audience, creating a larger donor base with corporations and private foundations. 

We are in a position, that to simply let people know what our goal and purpose is, solely by stating our name, “HOPE FOR CHILDREN RESEARCH FOUNDATION”.  We will continue with your help to make the world, our communities, and our future brighter and full of HOPE by healing our children.

Welcome to Hope for Children Research Foundation
 Hope for Children Research Foundation has become one of the most unique and important charities in our region through research efforts at the Colleen Giblin Research Laboratories at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.

Our focus is on children and the search for new treatments and cures for some of the gravest childhood neurological diseases. These diseases include cancers of the brain and central nervous system, spinal abnormalities, muscular dystrophies including SMA, mitochondrial illnesses, seizure disorders, neuro-metabolic diseases, a host of genetic disorders and GLUT1 Deficiency.

The Foundation:
  • IS supported by over 6,000 donors and volunteers, including community leaders, corporate and business organizations, and other caring citizens over the past 30 years
    IS the first foundation in the country dedicated solely to supporting pediatric neurologic research at a major academic medical center 
  • HAS raised over $6.5 million for medical research to help children suffering some of the gravest of childhood diseases
  • SUPPORTS world renowned doctors and researchers working full-time on medical advances in neurological diseases in The Colleen Giblin Laboratories at Columbia University Medical Center.
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