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The story began in 1985 when four-year-old Colleen Giblin died from an inoperable brain tumor. In the final stages of young Colleen's battle with cancer, her parents, Paul and Vickie Giblin, made the decision to devote themselves to sparing other children, and their parents, from the same anguish that they were experiencing.

Through the pain of their experience, the Giblins determined that the clear path to change lay in finding new treatments and cures for children with neurological diseases. With that goal in mind, they instituted a foundation designed to promote research at Columbia University Medical Center, one of the nation's leading research hospitals.

Thirty years later, Hope for Children Research Foundation continues their support of children's neurological and cancer research at the Colleen Giblin Research Laboratories at Columbia. 

"Our goal is simple. We hope that a doctor will never again have to say these words to another Parent: 'Take your child home. There's nothing more that we can do. ' "

- Vickie Giblin

To see pictures of Colleen, click on the sketch of her above.
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